How to Cook Healthy Food

Healthy foods are products that a person chooses to resist disease and to lead an active lifestyle. Nutritionists are convinced food that does no harm only grows naturally. Cereals, vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs are rich in vitamins, fiber and are beneficial to the body.

How to Eat Healthily

Proper healthy eating is not just about fresh vegetables and fruits. Meat, poultry or fish can also be beneficial if cooked properly. Products are not fried in the traditional way using a large amount of oil but are boiled or baked. With such dishes, lunch will be useful. Italian roasted rabbit with vegetables can even be served on the festive table.

Potato is another product most people prefer cooking in the most unhealthy way, that fries it and enjoy its crispy crust with a high cholesterol content. If you don’t want to harm the body, replace it with a baked or boiled potato. In Germany, it’s boiled and served with olive oil, mustard, herbs. Such a dish is tasty and healthy.

People leading a healthy lifestyle must include vegetables in their diet. A wide selection of salads made from them using vegetable oil and lemon juice as dressing will help diversify the daily family menu. Not only fresh vegetables can be used. Boiled or baked, they can become the main course or used as a side dish for meat or poultry.

Tips on How to Cook Healthy Food 

  • Try different side dishes

Rice and buckwheat are not the only side dishes. There are a dozen other cereals: quinoa, chickpeas, couscous, wild rice, bulgur. Finely chopped fresh vegetables, dried mushrooms or spices can be added to them. Moreover, you can make salads, for example from arugula, cheese, and nuts, boil broccoli and cauliflower, grill vegetables.

  • Replace harmful sweets with healthy ones

Use honey instead of sugar when baking, whole grain flour instead of regular. Add bitter chocolate (or fruits and berries). If you like sweets, go to specialized stores; it’s very easy to find harmless sweets (fruit marmalade, sweets without sugar, smoothies, and desserts in jars).

  • Write a list of dishes and buy products in advance

Make a list of products for the week: choose main dishes (for example, chicken, beef, tofu, fish or seafood) and side dishes (salad and arugula, various vegetables, cereals), add fruits, healthy sweets and snacks. If the fridge is full, the temptation to order pizza will be much less.

  • Buy a good frying pan

Nutritionists don’t approve of fried food because of the heated oil content in it. Thanks to a good non-stick coating, you can stop using oil at all (or use a couple of drops instead of a few spoons). Grill pan with a raised bottom is a perfect option, the products on it practically don’t touch the bottom, and the fat and oil drain into the grooves.

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