How to Choose Furniture Matching the Interior

Choosing furniture in the apartment is a crucial issue. Some people first make repairs, choose floors, paint for the walls, wallpapers, arrange lights, sockets, and then start searching for furniture. This is a key mistake: it becomes difficult to choose it in this case. Furniture should match the apartment layout, built-in equipment, as well as fit into the overall home color scheme. The modern interior design involves using decorative fabrics, modern wallpaper, decorative glass, ceramic products, and prints.

How to Mix Different Furniture in the Interior

Everyone can make their home beautiful and comfortable. And this requires creativity and ingenuity.

  • Select large pieces of furniture matching the color of the walls. Such a way room won’t look chaotic. Choose a white wardrobe for the white bedroom. Attach a gray rack to the gray wall in the living room. In this case, the rest of the furniture may be of a different color.
  • Combine wooden furniture with universal one: white, black, glass, transparent, mirrored, as well as colored selected taking the interior palette into account. All of the above can be mixed in one interior. White is a perfect color matching with any woody shade. Having doubts about one or another combination, you can always try this win-win option.
  • Use the domino effect where each detail in the chain partially repeats the one next to it. Similarly, you can build a furniture composition, so that one item contains the color of another.
  • Mix similar furniture. Combine light with light, dark with dark, rough with rough, vintage with vintage, etc. This approach will make it possible for you to create an eye-catching area. The hardest thing is to mix tree shades and patterns. Combine warm wood with a warm one, as well as cool wood with a cool one. Orange and red pigment means it’s a warm shade, while coffee and gray tones – cold. As a rule, beige wood shades are universal and can be combined with both warm and cold tones.
  • Mix colors. For example, dark brown and white furniture can be complemented with light brown, beige, cream shades. You can always mix gray with black and white furniture. Make whole chains of intermediate and mixed colors. Such combinations are always harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

If you choose furniture in a small room, you should give preference to light shades, transformers, and consoles. Such furniture will help you not only visually expand the space but also make it functional. The visual expansion of the room can be achieved by mirrors abundance. LED furniture is widespread nowadays; it’s usually installed in the kitchen cooking area. If the room area is small, but you want to furnish it with taste, then pay attention to the modular furniture collection.

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