What Blender is Best for Smoothies

A blender is a device used to grind food. It takes on both mixer and food processor functions. The structure necessarily contains knives and the possibility to mix products. They come in various types, and therefore can also differ in price and functionality.

Blenders and Their Varieties

The blender should actively mix the ingredients until the foam is whipped and at the same time grind them to a homogeneous consistency. As for its functionality, it is suggested to give preference to models created specifically for making smoothies. In this case, the device will be able to process not only basic liquids but also harder products, such as ice.

  • Immersion blender quickly and easily copes with grinding fruits. The problem with such a device is that it is not always able to grind small pieces qualitatively. In addition, those who have already used such a device notice its ability to slap literally everything within a radius of 3 meters with a product.
  • Hand blender has a small glass and a closed container, and therefore you won’t be able to make more than one serving in it; however, the whole kitchen will be clean. Cooking in a deep container will make it possible for you to make a smoothie for a large family.
  • The stationary device is perfect for cooking various dishes, desserts, drinks, and smoothies. Its operation principle is simple: you need to load the required amount of fruits, vegetables, herbs, ice into a container, press the magic button and enjoy the cooking process.

Not all blenders cook equally well. Some don’t have a special knife for crushing ice, so you won’t make a real smoothie in them, while others support only one operating mode, so the cooking process may be delayed.

Ways to Choose a Blender

So, if you decide to buy a blender for smoothies, pay attention to the following features:

  • Power. It all depends on what products you will make smoothies from. If you want to cook desserts from soft ingredients only (ice cream, milk, fruits, etc.), then you can choose a low-power model. But if you add nuts and ice, then be sure to choose the most powerful device.
  • Manufacturing materials. A glass bowl is considered more durable than a plastic one. Blenders with glass bowls are often chosen for cooking hot products, but since the ingredients for smoothies don’t need to be preheated, then plastic will also be suitable. The knives included in the kit must be made of stainless steel. This will significantly increase the blender life span.
  • Additional features and accessories. You need to understand what purpose you are buying the device for. If you need it to perform just one task, then most likely you don’t need to spend money on a multifunctional blender.

To make smoothies and milkshakes, you need a special nozzle which means the blender must be multifunctional. If you still decide to purchase a non-specialized blender, then be ready for some nuances.

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