Can you Give a Watch on a First Date

A first date is an exciting event that forms a future relationship. This is a turning point for two people. They may know each other for a long time, befriends from childhood, or they may get acquainted with each other on the way to work in the morning. It is important to understand that the first date is, first and foremost, an impression which means you need to surprise your chosen one.

What Not to Give on a First Date

Contrary to popular belief that only men give gifts, girls can also give a cute little thing as a keepsake. At the time of chivalry, these were shawls, garters, various women’s little things that were previously carefully scented and had a monogram with the girl’s initials. Nowadays, a gift is limited only by the girl’s imagination and modesty. What is not worth giving:

  • expensive gifts (perfume, wallet, watch, jewelry), even if you can afford it financially;
  • something that he obviously won’t like (for example, if a man is afraid of heights, then he won’t be able to share the joy of jumping from a bridge with a girl, even if she really likes it);
  • too pushy gifts (containing a declaration of love, plans for a life together, etc.);
  • gifts that have no meaning. The present should be symbolic. If there are no ideas, then it is better to do without a gift at all.

The most important thing is to pay attention to the person and make a present interesting, original, extraordinary. A gift may be the simplest, but with a deep meaning.

Watch – a good gift choice?

Choosing a gift for our soulmate, we always try to choose what he or she may like. People often wonder what the best thing to present is. Even from ancient times, there were various superstitions according to which it wasn’t suggested to give some types of gifts. Such gifts are:

  • watches;
  • headscarves;
  • knives and other sharp objects.

It is usually not recommended giving a watch as a gift. But is there any reason for this? Is it possible to give a watch to a loved one for the holidays, or as a courtesy? Unfortunately, nowadays the myth about the mystical watch action has not yet been dispelled; it is believed that a watch hints at a short relationship following with a breakup.

Are watches given to the soulmate? Popular superstitions claim that this is categorically undesirable. It is applied to boyfriends and girlfriends, as well as to married couples. People say that giving a watch, you start separating from your loved one. Moreover, the breakup is inevitable. Especially superstitious girls are very upset by such gifts believing their man is trying to break up with them. And even such gift as the gold watch doesn’t delight them.

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